Spring Break Camp


Pack snacks, water, and lunch and come hang out with the horses! Enjoy riding in the morning and barn management after lunch! Come and be part of the fun!
For those horse-crazy kids who really want to try riding a horse, but the family budget doesn’t allow for the weekly lesson commitment! Time will be spent learning how horses think, why they react to things the way they do, safety in handling, grooming and riding, proper riding position and control while mounted (through games), caring and keeping of horses.
The additional time will be spent helping with horse care, playing horse games and doing arts and crafts related to horses.
Do you have a boy? Well, parents, it’s a fact that there are more girls in this sport than boys – in the lower levels. However, the other fact is, the higher up they get, the more the demographic evens out! Let your son try it. They’ll have a good time and they will love their time with the horses. Once a boy gets it, they tend to stick with it; give them the chance!
Helmets and boots provided (this is a savings of $80!). Wear long pants.

2022 Date: April 11, 12, 13

Print and sign the required COVID Attestation form

We also require a signed Release Form.

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