COVID Protocol

Parents will be required to sign a COVID attestation (see below) and bring it with them on the first day of camp.

Temperatures will be taken daily upon arrival.

We will do our best to maintain a 6 to 10 foot distance and will be employing visuals on both counselors and the campers to achieve this.

Masks will be required to be worn by the campers while they are brushing the horses. They will step back and the counselor will tack up.

Each camper will have a spot and tub assigned to them that will contain the equipment that they will be using during the camp.

Counselors will be carrying sanitizer and it will be readily available at places around the farm but please send some with your camper so that they can keep it on their person to use whenever they feel the need.

Campers will not be allowed in the tack room. All equipment will be set out prior to the beginning of camp.

Normally we are happy to have parents and siblings stay and watch for a while but unfortunately this is not the case right now. Please try to keep the number of people arriving with you to drop off your camper to a minimum i.e., just parent and camper if possible. Many of you have younger family members and if this is not possible, I completely understand. Just try to keep your family together as you come in and out is all.

With all this being said, the bottom line is that we want your child to have a wonderful camp experience and learn how to work around and ride horses safely. Thank you for your faith in us as we navigate through this.

View, Download or Print the COVID Attestation